Proper Maintenance and Cleaning of a Finger Print Reader

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Biometrics is a method that helps to recognize human beings by depending on their physical or behavioral characteristics. There are different biometric applications but the most common uses of this system are finger print reading and voice or face recognition.

Finger print reader is one of the most common devices used for biometric security systems. The popularity of finger print readers is increasing. These are being used in high security environments to small businesses wide across the nation. Nowadays, these smaller and compact devices can be easily installed into a laptop also.

Finger print readers are delicate devices and they need to be cleaned and maintained carefully. If the reader window gets covered by dust, it will be unable to function properly and. For example, when you try to register a finger print, it might show you an error message that says registration failed. Regular cleaning ensures these errors do not happen.

To avoid errors you need to know how to clean the finger print reader properly. Never use a piece of paper to clean the device. This might harm glass surface and your device won't be able to read the finger prints anymore. Always wipe the glass surface with a piece of cloth with a little amount of ammonia based cleaner on it.

Here are the essential tips you need to follow while cleaning a finger print reader:

* Before you start cleaning, shut down the device and unplug it completely.
* Never spill anything on the reader window of the device.
* Never ever dip the reader glass into any kind of liquid.
* Always avoid alcohol based cleaners.
* You need to use soft cotton pads to clean the surface of the device.
* Never clean the reader window with paper or with any other material that will leave scratches on the screen.
* When you're cleaning the sensor screen, start from top part of the screen and move down. Gently repeat the entire process 3-4 times. Make sure that the sensor screen is completely cleaned.

However, the best readers are the ones that don't require frequent maintenance and are reliable and hardy. To find such readers visit  TechnoSource Australia is one of the best hardware, mobile computing, and wireless infrastructure provider of the country. They can provide integrated solutions for all your biometric security related needs.

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Proper Maintenance and Cleaning of a Finger Print Reader

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This article was published on 2010/10/06