Your Finger Prints Show Your Personalities and Potentials - Ulnar Loop Pattern 6

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When you look at your finger prints and realize that many people have similar finger prints like yours, perhaps most likely that you belong to the Ulnar Loop (UL) personality, which is the most common type of finger print pattern because there is more than 50 percent of the people in this world are with this UL type personality. The Ulnar Loop pattern consists of one of one or more free recurving ridges and one delta. It looks like a river with a delta. If the ridges flow toward the little finger, then it is Ulnar Loop. Reversely, if the ridges flow toward your thumb, then it is called Radical Loop. People in this category are more perpetual, sensitive and emotional and called people oriented.

The Left Index Finger shows the Musical Potential. People in this UL personality are more likely to appreciate the melody of a selection than the tempo, they also prefer softer music. When listening to explanations 'in-person', this UL type is more prone to focus on whether the tone of an explanation is positive or negative rather than essential details.

They possess a high level of sensitivity towards rhythm, note and melody, and easily listen to music with emotions. They tend to perform better with improved creativity in music composition. In addition, they are quite competent at expressing themselves through music. The musical style they choose must successfully merge with or complement their present emotions.

Compositional creativity will be stimulated by being exposed to styles other than their own ones. However, this skill will be stunned if too much pressure is applied to the importance of learning. Also, this type requires feeling a somewhat close relationship to their teacher. A great amount of useful perseverance can be the result of consistent praise. In fact, praising is more important than giving them monetary rewards.

They would be more successful learning in a group discussion or hands-on environment than identifying the differences in spoken sounds and languages. This UL personality notices the attitudes and not so obvious messages from associates. They will expect comments and suggestions to be delivered in a gentle, compassionate way rather than too direct or abrupt. Thus, do not scold them in public to humiliate them!

The Right Index Finger explains the Verbal Expression Potential. This UL type of people's verbal expression is often influenced by their feelings and preferred conversation style. Their conversation style is based more on 'chatting' about not-so important details, which makes it much easier for a person to relax while having a casual talk with this type.

While not well-known for speaking in public, they can feel quite comfortable in group discussion. They can display above average competence in communicating with a small amount of listeners. They can feel very relaxed in 'small talk' situations, but suddenly realize they can be quite nervous around more than four or five listeners. In public speaking, once they have acquired a considerable amount of experience, their performance potential can be substantially improved. Slightly more emotional, they can be much better at giving a speech on a life experience than a lecture in an academic environment. However, once the presentation is complete, even though listeners will enjoy the story, they might want to ask "What was the main point for telling us this?" So, it is suggested that such types take courses in public speaking to enhance their stage presence.

With enough experience, they could produce amazing performance. This type can be very successful at using different types of verbal expression, especially under only a slight amount of pressure. The person can communicate with many verbal expressions but can reinforce the message by emphasizing the key points of a conversation.

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Your Finger Prints Show Your Personalities and Potentials - Ulnar Loop Pattern 6

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Your Finger Prints Show Your Personalities and Potentials - Ulnar Loop Pattern 6

This article was published on 2010/04/15